Are You Prepared?

The Importance Of Layperson Life Support Training

Did you know that most traumatic events occur outside the hospital setting? Did you also know that children are more likely to survive a near fatal event if a layperson is adequately trained in basic life support? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly encourages training children, teachers, caregivers, school personnel, and parents basic life support. The most common cause of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in children is drowning. Living in south Louisiana, the reality of a child being near water is inevitable. Receiving the proper training can save a life. The American Heart Association (AHA) lists early and effective CPR as the second most important link to the chain of pediatric survival after prevention of injury. Attached below is an article written by the Pediatrics Journal, which provides a great understanding of the importance of basic life support training. 

At Sprout Pediatrics, we are excited to announce our first basic life support training at our office on Saturday, September 12th at 12pm and 3pm. Space is limited to 8-10 people at a cost of $60 per person. The cost covers the training, literature, and CPR card. Please call the office to sign up today at 504-267-9336.