Children have many challenges and stressors to navigate throughout their day, but Yoga at Sprout Pediatrics can help! Yoga is fun 😊 and helps children learn how to keep their mind and body healthy!

Yoga has many benefits including building healthy habits, increasing self-confidence, teaching healthy ways to manage stress, and it provides brain breaks from technology. These new healthy habits can be superpowers for our kiddos!

Dr. Laura Hernandez

Dr. Hernandez works closely with Sprout Pediatrics to support their patients.  We are excited to announce that she will be offering children’s yoga and counseling groups at Sprout. (see schedule below)

Dr. Hernandez plans to host parent education opportunities in 2021.

Dr. Hernandez is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and a Nationally Certified Counselor.  She earned her Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and her Doctorate in Counselor Education and Supervision.  While earning her Ph.D., Dr. Hernandez focused her research on exploring ways to help children and adolescents who are experiencing anxiety.  She has 19 years of experience in school settings, as an educator, administrator, and counselor.  Dr. Hernandez counsels individuals to help them develop skills to be the best version of themselves.  These include developing coping skills, social skills, managing strong emotions, developing techniques to manage anxiety, and counseling individuals who have experienced grief and loss in their lives.

She is also a certified children’s yoga teacher and enjoys using the practices of mindfulness, yoga, and meditation to help people feel more peaceful.  Dr. Hernandez believes many people are working to get better at something (physically & emotionally) and enjoys being an encourager in their lives.

Dr. Hernandez offers individual and group counseling services through her private practice, BE WELL NOLA Counseling.

Encourage others every day in everything you do and everything you say. -Dr. Laura Hernandez

Dr. Laura Hernandez | (504) 264-1070

2021 Calendar of Events at Sprout Pediatrics

Kids Yoga 

Saturday, January 23 10:00-10:45 “Under the Big Top
In this yoga class we will take an imaginary trip to the circus- watch out for the flying

Saturday, February 27 10:00-10:45 Kindness makes the world a better place.
In this yoga class we will nurture our spirit of kindness, love, and friendship.
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” -Aesop

Saturday, March 27 10:00-10:45 Spring has Sprung!
Come to yoga today and we will discover all the magic of springtime!
I can hear the birds chirping and smell the flowers blooming!

Saturday, April 24 10:00-10:45 A day at the beach!
Summer is around the corner but you can take an early summer vacation with yoga
class! We’re taking an imaginary trip to the beach- don’t forget your sunglasses and

  • Starts with story time, then yoga and meditation. 
  • 6-10 children per class
  • $15 a child 
  • Class catered to ages 4-11

Sign up today at the link below:

Coming Soon

  • Friendship Yoga- Bring a Special Friend
  • Boy Yoga Class
  • Anxiety Informational Session
  • How Nutrition is Linked to Your Child’s Mental Health